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Creating new event

Jan 2, 2021, 7:00:00 PM UTC

I. Creating draft of new event

  1. Go to Manage events in top right menu.
  2. On new page click Add new event.
  3. New page with form will show up. You can fill in basic data about event.

II. Filling in event form

You can reach event form also by going in admin panel through Event -> Edit event data.

The form consist of three tabs:

  • General information
  • Images
  • Organizational information

General information

On this tab you should provide basic information about an event. I.e. name of event, event date or registration stages. Once you provide all data, confirm changes by clicking Save button.

Field URL slug is going to appear in a final link to an event in system.

Important! Number that is part of full URL to event is an id of event in system and is mandatory in order to work correctly.

For example xv-mp-2019 gives following links:



Tab Images allows adding two images for an event:

  • thumbnail — it will be visible in events listing
  • background — visible on an event's page

Important! Maximum allowed image size is 1 MB.

Organizational information

This tab contains form that allows to fill in all the details important for competitors about an event. You can provide any information you want. In order to format text to give better reading experience thare is available special syntax, more information about syntax can be found here.

Changes also must be confirmed by clicing Save button.

III. Categories/divisions for competitors

In order to allow competitors to register to an event, set of categories must be provided.

Dedicated page for categories management must be used to create categories.

In admin panel:

Competitors -> List of categories -> Manage categories

More details about how to manage categories here.

IV. Publishing event

Once you provide all data in event's form, and you create all categories, event is ready to be published in the system. It means that event will be visible for competitors in system which lets them to register.

In order to publish a event, its status needs to be changed. We need to go to the form where we edit data about our event and we change status to "Published".

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