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Categories management

Jan 3, 2020, 11:00:00 PM UTC

In order to open categories management page:

  1. Go to admin panel.
  2. In top menu Competitors choose List of categories.
  3. Click Manage categories.

I. How categories are built?

Tree root

Root of categories tree is starting point you begin adding categories from by branching each element in the tree.

Name of the root element can be anything. It's not going to be visible on categories listing available for competitors.


Example categories below:

adult;white;-70 kg
adult;white;-76 kg
adult;white;-82.3 kg
adult;blue;-70 kg
junior;-84 kg

They are stored in following tree structure:

  • "tree root"
    • adult
      • white
        • -70 kg
        • -76 kg
        • -82.3 kg
      • blue
        • -70 kg
    • junior
      • -84 kg

II. How to use interface for managing categories?

Interface contains few buttons.

General options

If event does not contain any categories, buttons will be:

  • Start creating categories — it creates root for all categories and lets extending it.
  • Import categories from previous event — if we organized at least event before we can use the same set of categories like previously.
  • Load ready-made set of categories — allows choosing predefined set of categories and load it into event.

Options for elements in tree

Each element in the tree contains few buttons once mouse pointer is moved over. They can be:

Buttons are responsible for:

  1. Edit name. If you click you will be prompted to provide new name for category.
  2. Change settings. It allows to adjust certain settings for specific category. See next paragraph.
  3. Extend category. It allows to create sub-categories for selected category. For example: having structure adult -> blue, we can extend blue by weight classes.
  4. Move category. Here you can move category into different place in category tree. First you select category node you want to move, then you need to confirm new place that node should be moved to.
  5. Delete. It deletes category if there are no existing competitor registrations.

Adding new elements

Each level of tree contains button Add:

It allows adding new category on selected level of tree. Once you click it, you'll be prompted to provide name for new category. Click OK then.

Sorting elements

All elements in the tree can be sorted by using mouse cursor.

You just need to click selected element, hold mouse button and move it up or down.

III. Category settings

Each element of tree can have certain parameters adjusted. They are:

  • time of fight
  • scoreboard
  • gender restrictions
  • age restrictions

Setting these parameters automatically makes all sub-categories to inherit these settings. Thanks to that you don't have to set for example scoreboard for each category in your event, it's enough to change it only for root.

Inheritance example

Image below presents following properties of categories tree:

  • root event makes all categories to use BJJ scoreboard (monitor/TV icon),
  • category adult and all nested categories are limited to male gender (icon) and it's only possible to register competitors +18 (calendar icon),
    • nested categories have different times of fight
    • scoreboard is deduced automatically based on root category
  • category junior doest not have gender restriction, but age restriction is 16 years old (inclusive) up to 17 years old (inclusive) + fight time for each weight class is 5 minutes.

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