Basic pricing plan is based on registered competitors that paid entry fee, which is:

0.50 € net

Charged per event.

What does it mean?

You open registration to your event.

For example you have 200 competitors registered.

But only 180 of them paid entry fee, which makes them actual participants.

Overall cost for your event is: 0.50 € × 180 = 90 € net.

Is there any additional fee?

It depends on what you need! Below you will find a small summary.

If it's your first event

Support for creating first event in the system is included in the price.

Online support for your first event is included in the price.

Core set of functionalities

Gathering registrations

Sharing starting lists

Generating brackets

Conducting matches

Sharing live results

Contact us to find out about all features!

Basic cost

0.5 € for each registration

3 online support reactions

What if I need more support?

Each additional support reaction costs:

10 €

Read more to find out what is considered a support reaction.

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