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How to modify bracket?

Nov 5, 2023, 9:46:00 PM UTC

There are two situations in which we need to update the brackets in our event:

  • the competitor changed the category after the brackets were generated,
  • the competitor was added to the category after the brackets were generated.

In that case, MartialMatch will present on the list of brackets information that the bracket has become outdated and our attention is required.

We will also get warning before generating fights, about inconsistent state of brackets.

Competitor removed from category

In case of competitor changing the category or simply resigning from the competition: we need to generate the bracket again.

You just need to click Generate all on the list of brackets and the system will update the bracket. You can also go to the page of adding a single bracket by clicking Add bracket (more here).

What if we already have generated fights?

When we have generated fights for a given bracket, the system will block the possibility of change. We need to delete the fights, change the bracket and generate the fights again. The whole process takes a few clicks.

  1. We go to Management > Manage schedule.
  2. We will see our schedules for the event. We make sure in which place the bracket we want to change is located.
  3. We click Delete fights, choose the schedule and mat we want to clear to be able to generate fights there again.
  4. We make changes in the bracket.
  5. On the Manage schedule page we click: Generate fights. Then we can automatically sort the fights or enumerate them.
  6. Ready! The fights are generated based on the latest version of the brackets.

Note! If we didn't sort the fights manually, to speed up the whole process, we can simply delete all fights from the schedule and generate them again. Then we just need to remember to sort the fights automatically.

Competitor added to category

In a situation when the category has increased by one or more competitors, we can also generate fights in the same way as if we had lost a competitor in the category.

But when the bracket has free byes, where we can squeeze the missing competitors, we don't have to go through all the steps like in previous paragraph. If we already have generated fights for the bracket, the application will automatically fill in the free byes with new competitors.

We just need to go to the bracket preview in the admin panel.

  1. Menu Management > Brackets.
  2. We find the bracket on the list that we want to update.
  3. We click Show.
  4. We will see a table with the bracket, we will also see a warning that there are missing competitors in the bracket.
  5. We click the button next to the warning: Click here to add missing competitors.
  6. A new window will appear, we choose the competitor we want to add.
  7. Then in the table on the right, we click the Add here button to replace the free bye with our new competitor.

Even if we already have generated fights, on the Manage fights page we can see that the competitor is on the list.

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