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How to create brackets?

Nov 3, 2023, 12:18:00 PM UTC

When registration is finished, you need to create brackets. To do this, go to the admin panel.

  • We need to navigate to top-right menu and click Manage events.
  • Then you need to choose the event for which you want to create brackets and click Management and then Brackets.

Bracket types

Before creating brackets, we need to decide on the system of the game.

MartialMatch supports the following game systems:

  • single elimination - after losing the fight, the competitor is eliminated from the tournament,
  • single elimination + fight for third place - after losing the fight, the competitor is eliminated from the tournament, and the competitors who lost in the semi-finals fight for third place,
  • round robin - each competitor in a given category fights with each other competitor in a given category,
  • double elimination + two 3rd places - each competitor after losing the fight goes to the losers' bracket and can reach 3rd place, after the second loss is eliminated from the tournament,
  • 3-person bracket, IBJJF system - competitors are divided into two "semi-finals", the winner of the first semi-final goes to the final, the loser goes to the second semi-final, in the second semi-final the competitors fight for a place in the final.

Creating many brackets at once

The MartialMatch application allows you to create all brackets with a few clicks.

By default, the generated brackets will be in the single elimination tournament system, to change this, you need to change the default configuration.

Default configuration

The default configuration of the brackets allows you to set the default settings for all brackets.

Before generating brackets, you need to go to the admin panel:

  • Management
  • Brackets
  • Click: Default configuration

The default configuration allows you to set the game system depending on the number of competitors in the category.

Changes are confirmed by clicking OK.

Generating brackets

After setting the default configuration, go back to the Brackets page. In the menu at the top, click Generate all.

Then you will see a window that will present the state of the brackets for our event.

System will show how many new brackets will be generated, how many will be changed and how many will be deleted (based on the number of competitors in the categories).

Confirm the generation of brackets by clicking OK.

It's ready! The brackets are generated!

Creating single bracket

To generate/overwrite a single bracket, we can do it manually. Click the Add bracket button.

We will be taken to the page where we create a single bracket.

We choose:

  • category for which we create a bracket,
  • game system
  • click Generate

After that, the pairing for the bracket will appear in the table below. The next pairs 1+2, 3+4 etc. mean the competitors who will fight each other in the first round.

The pairing of the bracket can be changed by dragging competitors from one pair to another.

If the pairs are OK, we save the bracket by clicking Save.

Extra options

  • Coloring - in a situation when we have a large category, we can color different parts of the bracket. We will have a better understanding of which competitors are fighting each other in which round.
  • Highlighting academy names - to make it easier to check how competitors who represent one academy fight, we can highlight academy names. Just click on the selected academy name in the table.

How are brackets arranged by the system?

Arranging by academy

The system arranges brackets in such a way that competitors from the same academy fight as late as possible.

It is important in this situation that the competitors who are from the same academy, that their registration in the system actually reflects the academy membership. Competitors can be registered to academies whose names are similar, but in reality they are two different academies.

Competitors rank

In addition, we can give competitors a rank (from 0 to 1000). This allows us to influence the arrangement of brackets.

Competitors with a higher rank will fight each other as late as possible.

For example, if we have two candidates for the final fight in the category, we give them a high rank compared to the rest. Then the system will try to make these two competitors fight each other in the final, matching them with weaker competitors along the way.

We assign a rank:

  • on competitors list: we find the competitor, go to Options and click Edit; then we enter the rank and click Save.
  • in the process of generating a single bracket: we hover over the bracket, click Set rank, enter the points and confirm the selection.

During the arrangement of a single bracket, in the orange field next to the name we will see the rank.

Attention! The rank is assigned to the competitor, not to a single registration in the category. If the competitor is registered for several categories, their rank will be the same in all categories.

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