Upcoming Submission Only events

Event date: Sep 7, 2024 - Sep 8, 2024
Registration ends: in 2 months
Warszawa, Osir Włochy, ul. Gładka 18
Submission Only
Event date: Nov 23, 2024 - Nov 24, 2024
Registration starts: in 2 months
Osir Włochy
Submission Only

Submission Only is a format of grappling competition in which the only way to win is to submit your opponent: either by joint lock or choke hold. There are no points. If the winner cannot be determined in the regular time, the match usually goes into overtime, but sometimes the referee decides which athlete wins the match.

MartialMatch is a tournament software designed to manage Submission Only and other combat sport events. It allows you to create an event, set the rules and let the competitors register and pay the entry fee online. During the event, you have a dedicated scoreboard to help you manage the fights.

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