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When am I going to have next fight?

Nov 27, 2023, 5:32:32 PM UTC

There two ways to check when you're going to have your next fight.

Check fights queue on your mobile phone

  1. Open page of event.
  2. Go to top menu "Event information"
  3. Choose "Current fights"
  4. On new the page you will see mats choice.
  5. Click selected tab and fights will show up that are about to be played.

On the same page yoy can find also from, which you can use in order to find a specific competitor by name or division,

Check fights queue on TV available during event

Organizer has capability of sharing incoming fights queue on TV.

Fights queue looks like following:

  • It contains data about all mats and nearest fights.
  • If fight's entry is highlighted in yellow, it means it is about to start soon.
  • If fight's entry is highlighted in green, it means fight is being played.
  • Page refreshes itself every few seconds showing up to date fights or other mats if they don't fit into one page.