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How to start live streaming?

Jan 16, 2024, 9:46:00 PM UTC

This guide will help you configure your BJJ or MMA tournament to live stream matches from the mats.

Guide is divided into two parts:

  • how to configure the target platform to receive live-streaming,
  • what software to use for live-streaming.

How to configure the target platform to receive live-streaming?

At the moment, MartialMatch supports a simple integration with the YouTube platform. The application allows you to embed a live stream from YouTube on your event page.

How to configure integration with YouTube to embed a live stream on the event page?

The first step is to create an account on YouTube: Then we have to activate the possibility of live streaming. This procedure takes 24 hours.

  1. Log in to YouTube.
  2. Click on the camera icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the Go Live button.
  4. A screen will appear on which we have to request access to live streaming. Phone number verification will be required.

After verification, we can go to YouTube Studio, for example by clicking on the icon of our profile in the upper right corner and selecting YouTube Studio.

Then we click + Create and Go Live. Then we go to Manage visible on the left side.

We should see a screen where the Schedule stream button will be visible.

We should now schedule the stream, click Schedule stream. You should follow the suggestions on the screen.

After successfully adding the stream, we should see the following screen:

Important field is Stream key, we will need it later to configure the software for live-streaming: OBS - Open Broadcaster Software.

When we go to the list of streams, our newly created stream should be visible:

We have to create a separate stream for each mat. We go through the steps above again.

What kind of software to use for live-streaming?

Recommended software is OBS - Open Broadcaster Software. It can be downloaded from:

This software allows you to overlay a scoreboard and send the video stream to the YouTube platform. The configuration steps are described below.

First run of the OBS program

Let's make sure that the OBS - Open Broadcaster Software is installed on the computer and we have a camera connected.

After starting the program, we should see the following screen:

We click Next to confirm.

On the next screen we choose the settings for our stream:

Also, we confirm our choice by clicking Next.

On the next screen, we choose YouTube - RTMPS as the target platform (Service) and then click Use Stream Key (Advanced). We should see:

Now we need to go to YouTube Studio and copy the Stream Key from our stream. Then we paste it into the Stream Key field in OBS. Click Next.

In the next step, the OBS program will perform a connection test with YouTube.

After finished testing, we will see a summary and it will propose settings appropriate to our hardware and internet connection. Click Apply Settings.

Adjusting the stream to the mat

In a moment we will be able to start broadcasting the stream from the mat. It is also worth adding a scoreboard and a timer to the stream.

W celu osadzenia tablicy punktowej musimy najpierw zalogować się do panelu administratora zawodów i przejść na zakładkę Organizacja i wybrać Tablice wyników na żywo.

In order to embed the scoreboard, we must first log in to the administrator panel of our event and go to the Management tab and select Live scoreboards.

On the new page, we choose the mat corresponding to our stream and click Copy link. The link leading to the scoreboard page will appear in the clipboard, we will embed such a page in the OBS program:

To do this, we go to the OBS program to add the scoreboard to the transmitted image from the camera. To do this, we click + in the Sources section and select Browser. We confirm by clicking OK.

In new window we have to paste the link we copied from the application into the URL field and additionally change the resolution to e.g. 1280x720 (Width and Height fields). Click OK.

Now we can drag the scoreboard to any place on the screen. We can also change its size by dragging the corners.

Next, let's make sure that we also have a camera selected on the source list (Sources) that will transmit the video from the mat. If not, let's add it by clicking + and selecting Video Capture Device. We confirm by clicking OK.

Upewnijmy się, że wybrana kamera jest pod spodem tablicy punktowej. Jeśli nie, to możemy zmienić kolejność, klikając na strzałki w górę i w dół. Jest to ważne, ponieważ w przeciwnym razie tablica punktowa będzie zasłonięta przez obraz z kamery.

We need to ensure that the selected camera is below the browser source. If not, we can change the order by clicking on the up and down arrows. This is important because otherwise the scoreboard will be covered by the camera.

Now we can start the live stream. To do this, click Start Streaming.

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