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How does bracket seeding work?

Jun 23, 2024, 1:54:00 PM UTC

Brackets generator in MartialMatch allows you to automatically arrange brackets according to selected criteria.

By academy

Each competitor registered for the competition is assigned to an academy. It often happens that in one weight category there are several competitors from the same academy. In this case, the bracket generator will arrange the brackets so that competitors from the same academy meet as late as possible.

Important: Competitors, to be properly seeded in the bracket, must represent the same academy, i.e. they must have the same academy identifier. The system distinguishes between academies with different identifiers, even if they have the same name. For example, if one competitor registered under the academy ABC and another competitor duplicated the same academy in the system, technically they will be two different academies.

Competitor's rank

Additionally, as an organizer, we have the ability to assign a rank to a competitor. By default, no rank is assigned to the athletes, we can change this on the Competitors management page or on the single bracket creation page.

This functionality allows you to further influence the seeding of competitors. Competitors with a higher rank will be seeded on opposite sides of the bracket.

This is useful when we know the competitors who are aiming for victory. Thanks to the assigned rank, the system will place them in the bracket so that they meet as late as possible.

By assigned spot

If we organize wrestling competitions, we can additionally, during the verification of competitors, assign each competitor a spot — e.g. by drawing lots.

Then, when the system generates brackets, it will seed competitors according to the assigned spot. I.e. competitors who drew numbers 1 and 2 will meet in the first match.

In a situation where we partially draw and assign spots to several competitors, and the rest of the category will not have assigned spots. The system will take into account the order of registration.

  • For example, having 8 competitors in the category, we assign spots only to three: 1, 2, 8.
  • The remaining 5 competitors do not have assigned spots.
  • The system will arrange the bracket, first selecting competitors with assigned spots: [1, 2, 8] and then the remaining competitors in the order in which they were registered for the competition.
  • So, even though the third competitor has chosen number 8, he will be placed in the 3rd place in the bracket.

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