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Sharing list of registered competitors

Apr 23, 2021, 3:00:00 PM UTC

At any moment there is possibility to share publicly list of registered competitors to the event. There are few ways you can share starting lists by.

How to share?

In order to share starting lists or change the way of sharing you need to first go to organizer's module and in top menu choose Competitors and then Share starting lists

Choose your option and then confirm by clicking Save.

Important: Public starting list is refreshed every 30 minutes.

Show all competitors

First option allows sharing starting lists that show all registered competitors to your event.

Show all competitors + mark missing payments

Sharing lists in this way causes that every new registration to your event is going to be presented as Disqualified for missing payment. In other words, competitor will be presented on the list but next to his name small yellow warning icon will appear. It indicates that registration fee is not confirmed in the system. Once registration fee is confirmed, warning disappears. Competitors that is disqualified for missing payment cannot be added to brackets.

Status of competitors that were registered before changing sharing option of starting lists won't be changed. If you want to automatically change status of all competitors and mark their status to "missing payment", you have to make an update of competitors in Confirm payments page.

To do so, go to top menu in organizer's module Competitors, then Confirm payments and click Update competitors. Each registered competitor is going to be marked as disqualified on starting lists.

Show only competitors that have payments confirmed

In this mode competitors disqualified for missing payment won't show up on starting lists. They can only appear back if their registration fee is confirmed in system.

Like in previous mode: every new registration since the change of sharing way causes that every new competitor is automatically disqualified for missing payment.

Also like before: if you need to update status of all competitors to DQed, click Update competitors in payments module.


Time Registrations Sharing way Result
Day 1 A, B Don't show Empty lists
Day 2 A, B Show all competitors Lists contain: A, B
Day 3 A, B, C Show all competitors Lists contain: A, B, C
Day 4 A, B, C Confirmed payment from A, Show all + mark missing payments Lists contain: A. B & C marked with missing payment.
Day 5 A, B, C, D Confirmed payment from B, Show all + mark missing payments Lists contain: A, B. C & D marked as disqualified.
Day 6 A, B, C, D Show only competitors that have payments confirmed Lists contain: A, B. C & D are removed from lists.
Day 7 A, B, C, D, E Show only competitors that have payments confirmed Lists contain: only A, B. E won't show up.

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