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Configuration of online payment and pricing in the event

May 26, 2023, 8:00:00 PM UTC

MartialMatch allows you to collect entry fees from your competitors via an online payment gateway.

Configuring online payment gateway

In order to set up a payment gateway for your event, you must first go to the admin panel and then open the "Event" and "Setup pricing" tab.

On the next page, we click on the "Payment gateway configuration" button:

In the window that appears, select the payment gateway you wish to set up.


After clicking on the "Przelewy24" service logo, we will move on to the configuration of access data.

Account creation

If you do not have an account with Przelewy24, you must create one using the form, which you will access after clicking on "Create an account with Przelewy24".

It is necessary to create using the form available in the image above. In a later step of setting up the event, it will be necessary to indicate in Przelewy24 the target application that will register the transactions. Without this, online payments will not work.

On the newly opened page you will find a form on the Przelewy24 website. Follow the form's instructions.

Setting up a Przelewy24 account

The next step is to configure the customer ID, API key and CRC key from Przelewy24 in the MartialMatch application.

  1. Log in to your account in the Przelewy24 system.
  2. Go to "My account" and then "My details".
  3. On the next page at the very top you should see the text: "Account details 123456". This number is the ID of your account.
  4. Next, we find the fields "API key" and "CRC key". Let's copy these values.
  5. The last thing to do on this page is to enter the IP address of the MartialMatch application, now it is:
  6. Save the changes.

If the IP address of the MartialMatch server changes, we will notify you in advance.

We can now go back to the administrative panel of the event and enter the data, for example:

Confirm the changes by clicking 'Save'.

In the next window, we confirm the selection of our configured payment gateway and additionally decide in which currencies we will receive payments.

Note: Currencies can only be changed if we do not have any items in the price list.

Confirm with the "OK" button.

Setting up pricing

Once the payment gateway has been set up, the pricing can now be configured.

The pricing items are assigned to the registration stages. You must then first create the appropriate number of registration stages on the "Event" page -> "Edit event data".

If we already have the registration stages in place, we can click on the 'Add pricing' button on the price list page. The following window will appear:

We enter the prices for each selected currency and indicate the registration stage at which the prices are to apply. After saving, we will have the first item visible.

We must repeat the price configuration for each registration stage.

The final step is to enable online payment:

From now on, competitors can already pay online.

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