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Choosing academy

Dec 30, 2021, 11:00:00 AM UTC

How to choose academy to represent during event?

Choosing academy to represent during event is possible by two ways:

  • user profile available here
  • or registration to event with specific academy here

To find your academy you use academy search dialog like below:

Searching academy

It's very likely that someone added your academy before to our database. Type in a text field name of your academy as precisely as possible.

You'll see search results, if your academy is on the list, click its name to confirm your choice.

Why choosing right academy is important?

There is one reason: overall classification.

Let's assume that in our database there is Berseker's Team academy. But for some reason someone decided to create new academy called Berserker's Team Poland.

Both academies mean the same. Despite user wanted to represent Berserker's Team it's not going to be counted. From perspective of our app Berserker's Team and Berserker's Team Poland are completely different academies. So overall classification is going to distinguish between medals won by each team.

What does yellow star mean?

A star next to academy name means academy is "official". In case of duplicated academies, the one that is starred should be preferred choice.

What if I can't find my academy?

If you're sure your academy is missing in our system, you can add it by yourself to our database.

There is dedicated page for that available here.