Organize your event with MartialMatch

Welcome to MartialMatch, easy to use and affordable tournament software for organizing combat sport events.

Our easy to use platform helps you to run your martial arts events: manage your participants, create brackets in various systems, conduct the matches, and publish the results.

Our software supports competitions in the following formulas:
BJJ ADCC MMA Wrestling Submission Only Sambo And more...

Simple pricing 0.50 €

€0.50 per registered participant. No subscription. You pay only for the participants that actually register for your event.

Risk free

We settle after the event. You don't pay anything upfront. If you don't like our service, you don't pay anything. Simple as that.

Works on any system

Our application doesn't require installation of any external software to run, everything happens in the browser. You use MartialMatch on any computer.

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